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Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.
Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.

PPE Safety Supplies

Welding and construction is a dangerous, but necessary job. Welders and construction workers are often at risk of injury or even death. The best way to protect them is by providing them with the right personal protective equipment.

The main purpose of welding and construction personal protective equipment is to shield the worker from any potential dangers that could cause harm. These types of equipment include gloves, welding helmets, hard hats, welding jackets and sleeves.

Welding is a profession that requires safety measures to be taken. Welders need to wear safety glasses, hard hats, and gloves in order to protect their eyes and hands from the heat of the welding torch. The best type of glasses for welders are those that provide 100% protection from UV rays, block 99% of UVA and UVB light, are scratch-resistant, and have a wraparound design.

Welding helmets are a must-have for any welder. They protect the eyes from the harmful UV and infrared rays emitted by welding equipment.

The auto darkening welding helmet is a type of welding helmet that automatically adjusts its shade to match the intensity of light in the environment. This means that it will be able to provide protection even when you are working in an area with changing light conditions.


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