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Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.
Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.

#33 Universal Level Jackson Safety SureWerx

Original price $145.95 - Original price $145.95
Original price
$145.95 - $145.95
Current price $145.95
The Curv-O-Mark Universal Level (#33) is a must have multipurpose tool.Featuring a 360-degree adjustable protractor dial bubble
(DSL,) the level has two cast-in 25-pound magnets to securely hold the unit in place on any steel surface including the underside
of a pipe or beam.This permits hands free leveling, even in the tight spots.The bubble is mounted on a protractor dial, so it can
be used in any position and still maintain accurate readings.Both faces of the level have deep, cast-in grooves for self-centering
on the contour of the pipe and because the magnets are cast-in, they won"™t interfere with the use of the level on nonmagnetic
materials. For aligning pipe flanges (two holing,) the universal level comes with a two threaded, self-aligning conical spacer and
conical nut and bolt units

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