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Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.
Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.

ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic Multi-Process Welder, 3 in 1 Machine 0558102240

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SKU ESA0558102240

Esab Rebel EMP 215c Multiprocess Welding Machine 

The Rebel Series Welding Machines offer 120/230V flexibility and some of the most innovative welding technology available. A breakthrough design inspired by professional welders, the Rebel is a complete package to weld anything – mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel – and go anywhere.

Esab Rebel Multiprocess Welder
  • True multi-process performance for best-in-class MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, including 6010 Stick electrodes, and Lift TIG welding with Rebel EMP 215ic 
  • Exclusive sMIG ("smart MIG") feature continuously learns and adapts to the operator’s welding technique to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds; increases productivity for the experienced welder, and reduces training time for novice welders
  •  Innovative display has larger display screen and higher pixel density to provide a more clear view of the TFT screen than other light industrial welders; loaded with exclusive features: on-demand availability of the user’s manual, listing of spare parts – all in multiple languages
  • Unique, five-handle roll cage industrial design and unibody steel construction in a lightweight, highly portable unit; 3-year handle-to-handle warranty 
  • Rebel Series models come ready to weld out of the box with Professional Grade TWECO accessories and Victor gas regulator. Shielding gas not included.

Esab Rebel 215C Screen

EMP 215C Display Shown

    Many machines claim they're multi-process, but are little more than a MIG machine in disguise. The Rebel EMP 215ic is a true multi-process welder, which means whether you're welding MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick - even those tricky 6010 rods - or TIG, it will perform like it was born to run that process.


    Whether you've been welding for two years or 20, Rebel can make your job easier with ESAB’s groundbreaking feature: sMIG (smartMIG). For rookies, there's basic mode, which makes setup simple. And for veterans, the exclusive, built-in arc control that constantly monitors your weld and adapts for superior, repeatable welds will truly blow your mind.


    You never know what welding process your next job will require, or what kind of input power you'll have available. That's why we've packed Rebel with the kinds of features that give you the flexibility to go anywhere and weld anything, so whether you have access to 120V or 230V power or even a generator, Rebel's got you covered.


    You're onsite, out in the field, and in the shop. So you need a machine that you can easily move around and that can withstand some serious wear and tear. Rebel can. With a sturdy, five-handle roll cage, steel unibody construction, and IP23S-level protection, it's the go-anywhere machine for a reason. Plus, it comes with a three-year, handle-to-handle warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that leaves nothing to chance.


    The Rebel™ EMP 215ic offers 120/230 V flexibility and some of the most innovative welding technology available. A breakthrough design inspired by professional welders, the Rebel EMP 215ic is a complete MIG/TIG/Stick package ready to weld anything – mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel – and go anywhere.

    Esab Warranty Icon

    • Light Fabrication
    • Repair and Maintenance
    • Automotive Bodies
    • Automotive
    • Mechanical Contractors
    • Civil Construction
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Training Schools

    Included with Product

    • ESAB Rebel 215ic Power Supply
    • Tweco Fusion 180 MIG gun with 10-ft. cable
    • Three spare MIG gun contact tips. 1 each in sizes .024, .030, .035
    • One V-Groove Drive Roll .024/.030, and one V-Knurled drive roll (for flux-cored welding) .030/.035
    • 17V style TIG torch
    • Tweco 200A electrode holder with 13-ft. cable
    • Four general purpose 6013 Stick electrodes
    • ESAB 70S-6 .030 4-in., 2-lb. sample spool
    • Tweco ground clamp with 10-ft. (3-m) leads
    • Victor argon flow gauge regulator with 12.5-ft. (3.8-m) gas hose
    • 230V plug, and 115V/20A plug adapter 



      All packages include power supply, Tweco Fusion 180A MIG gun, Victor argon flowgauge regulator and 12.5 ft. (3.8 m) hose, Tweco earth clamp with leads, drive rolls and contact tips, sample .030 in. (0.8 mm) wire, Tweco electrode holder and sample electrodes, 17V Style TIG torch, power adapter and operator’s manual.


      Voltage 120; 208/230 V 1, 50/60 Hz
      Max Output 240 A / 26 V
      TIG (GTAW) Welding Output 180 A / 17.2 V (230 V) @ 30 % Duty Cycle
      130 A / 15.2 V (120 V) @ 40 % Duty Cycle
      MIG (GMAW) Welding Output 205 A / 24.3 V (230 V) @ 25 % Duty Cycle
      130 A / 20.5 V (120 V) @ 20 % Duty Cycle
      Stick (SMAW) Welding Output 180 A / 27.2 V (230 V) @ 25 % Duty Cycle
      90 A / 23.6 V (120 V) @ 40 % Duty Cycle
      Current Range 5 – 150 A (120 V), 5 – 240 A (230 V) A
      Voltage Range 90-270 V
      10-26 V
      Wire Feeder Specifications 1.5-12.1 m/min ( 59-476 in./min )
      Open Circuit Voltage 68 VDC
      Use With Welding Material 9.5 mm (3/8 in.)
      Stainless Steel
      Flux Cored
      Mild Steel

      0.8-0.9 mm ( .030-.035 in. )
      0.8-1.2 mm ( .030-.045 in. )
      0.8-1.2 mm ( .030-.045 in. )
      0.6-0.9 mm ( .024-.035 in. )
      Max Spool Diameter 100 & 200 mm ( 4 & 8 in. )
      Standards CSA E60974-1-00, IEC 60974-1
      Protection Class IP23S
      Voltage Steps 10
      Supply Plug 230 V, NEMA 6-50P
      Dimensions, L x W x H 584 x 229 x 406 mm ( 23 x 9 x 16 in. )
      Weight 18.2 kg ( 40 lbs )

      This item may be built to order, or stocked at manufacturers warehouse, please call for estimated ship date or inventory confirmation.