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Free Shipping on Thousands of Items.

Strong Hand Tools® ADJUST-O Magnet Square Part#MSA47

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The Fast & Easy Way to Hold Metal Workpieces at 30°, 60°, 45°, and 90°

The patented on/off switch makes it much simpler and safer to use, allowing you to perfectly position your work. Just set it to the position you need and hit the switch! The position is sure and the magnetic hold is powerful.

Product Features:

  • Pull force: 75 lbs
  • Turn the magnet off or at the mid-point position when setting up, turn owhen you’re ready to work. Fast and safe set-up!
  • Ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock.
  • Easy to clean. Simply turn off and wipe.

Product Dimensions: 

6 x 5-1/8 x 1-1/4″ (152 x 130 x 32 mm)

This item may be built to order, or stocked at manufacturers warehouse, please call for estimated ship date or inventory confirmation.