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Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.
Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.

Blue Demon 308L 1/8 X 36" Stainless TIG Welding Rod - 10lb Pack

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Original price $68.55
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SKU ER308L-125-10T

Blue Demon 308L 1/8" Tig Welding Rod - 10 Pound Package

1/8" X 36" 10lb pack This 10lb pack of Blue Demon 308L 1/8 X 36" stainless steel TIG welding rod provides reliable and smart welding performance in a wide variety of metals. The high-quality filler metal is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, ensuring dependable welding results each and every time. Ideal for joining stainless steel and other tarnish-resistant alloys, these durable TIG rods are sure to make any welding job easier. Ideal for a variety of welding projects, Blue Demon rods boast excellent strength characteristics, while minimizing post-weld cleaning. Make sure you have the right tools to deliver the best possible weld, with these TIG rods.


This item may be built to order, or stocked at manufacturers warehouse, please call for estimated ship date or inventory confirmation.