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Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.
Current Lead time on Bad Ass Reels is 21 Days.

Abrasive Belts

Sanding belts for benchtop belt sanders, Dynafile sanders, Knife Sharpeners, and other belt sander applications.

Do you ever wonder why your belt sander belt keeps breaking? Perhaps its time to change manufacturers, we provide the best in belt sander belts from Camel Grinding Wheels, Dynabrade, 3M and other brands.

Do you Know how to measure your belt sander belt? Its simple, measure the width, then measure the outside diameter of the belt, if your belt has broken, measure its length to get the length of the belt sanding belt. If you dont have a belt wrap a tape measure around the wheels of the belt sander to determine the length, then measure the wheel width to determine the width.

Which sanding belts are the best?

Ceramic is considered a premium abrasive grain, as it is extremely hard and sharp. Ceramic abrasives come with a premium price, but also have the longest lifespan over any other type of abrasive material. The higher cost can be justified as it could save you money over the long-term.

Ceramic abrasives are ideal for aggressive cutting of metals and hard woods. The material works best when high speed and high pressure is applied. It is so aggressive, caution must be used to prevent scorching of the working material if you’re working with wood. Ceramic is friable, continuously delivering a sharp cutting surface, increasing the already impressive longevity of the product.

Zirconia is an excellent choice for heavy metal grinding / polishing of metals and material removal in hardwoods. Zirconia sanding belts are less costly than ceramic. Zirconia is the middle ground abrasive between aluminum oxide and ceramic in terms of price and longevity.

Ceramic and Zirconia belt sander belts will last longer and remove metal faster then aluminum oxide belts, both belts have the ability to resharpen themselves as they wear down and are primarily used in metal working applications.

Aluminum Oxide belts are great for soft woods and general metal working applications at a lower cost.

Scotch Brite type material finishing belts are best for food grade clean up work and polishing applications.

When choosing any abrasive consumable, cost savings is not always calculated by the cheapest price, choosing the most cost effective abrasive for the application can far exceed the ROI when investing in sanding and grinding products.