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    CK Worldwide | Steady-Grip™ Remote Amperage Control

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    SKU SGACV-10-1-L5

    Steady-Grip™ Remote Control 

    Don't see your machine listed? Check the pin style your current machine requires and select the style based on pin count. 



    • Complete ON/OFF and full amperage control
    • available for most power sources
    • Protected against high frequency
    • Velcro fasteners will fit any TIG torch
    • Ergonomic grip is adjustable to 3 different positions
    • Smooth 'trigger' action for steady amperage control


    Part # Plug Style Cable Length
    CK-SGACV-5-1-TD14 14-Pin Plug 15' (4.6m)
    CK-SGACV-5-2-TD14 14-Pin Plug 28' (8.5m)
    CK-SGACV-5-3-TD14 14-Pin Plug 53' (16.2m)
    CK-SGACV-5-1-TD8 8-Pin Plug 15' (4.6m)
    CK-SGACV-5-2-TD8 8-Pin Plug 28' (8.5m)
    CK-SGACV-5-3-TD8 8-Pin Plug 53' (16.2m)


    *Photos include a Flex-Loc torch for reference only--torch is sold separately.