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    Lincoln Electric SuperGlaze® 5356 TM

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    Lincoln Electric SuperGlaze® 5356 TM

    MIG (GMAW)

    AWS A5.10 : ER5356

    Aluminum Welding Wire

    Developed for Trailer manufacturing with excellent puddle wetting, clarity and maximum arc performance.


    • • Unparalleled bead profile and appearance which are critical for groove and fillet welds on Aluminum trailer beds
    • • Engineered chemical composition developed specifically to outperform standard ER5356 electrodes and gives the operator unprecedented control
    • • Robotic fillet welds on trailer tanks requiring minimal post-weld clean up
    • • Multi-pass fillet and lap welds on 6XXX series base materials

    Welding Positions

    • All except vertical down

    Shielding Gas

    • 100% Argon Argon / Helium Mixtures Flow Rate: 30 - 50 CFH