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    Lincoln Electric SuperGlaze® 5554

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    Lincoln Electric SuperGlaze® 5554

    MIG (GMAW) | ED034725

    AWS A5.10 : ER5554

    Non heat treatable Low Magnesium Manganese alloy used for 5454 base material especially in elevated temperature applications above 150 deg F / 65 deg C .


    • Matching filler alloy for welding 5454 base alloys
    • Low magnesium content to closely match the base material chemistry
    • Moderate strength applications
    • Engineered Bulk packaging designed for easy set up to increase production without using external pay off devices
    • 15 X less changeover time compared to a spool for improved productivity
    • . Prevents tangling and improves feedability
    • . Corrugated Cardboard Pallet -Fork-lift ready mini-pallet comes attached to the box for maximum portability and is 100% recyclable