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    Lincoln POWER MIG® 215 MPi™ Multi-Process Welder - TIG One Pak - K4878-1

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    POWER MIG® 215 MPi Multi-Process Welder TIG One-Pak®


    POWER MIG® 215 MPi multi-process welder is portable for MIG, stick, TIG, and flux-cored welding.







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    The POWER MIG 215 MPi multi-process welder is a reliable, easy-to-use machine for the general fabricator, small contractor or repair personnel. The sleek and solid ergonomic design with multiple lift points maximizes mobility around the shop, and user-friendly technology makes the setup process and selection of weld settings incredibly simple. Take on any job – MIG, TIG, Stick or Flux-Cored – with the versatile POWER MIG 215 MPi welder. 


    • Multi-Process Capable - Welds MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, and DC TIG.
    • Dual Input Voltage - 120V and 230V inputs so you can plug into any common power supply.
    • Ergonomic Case - Sleek and robust case design with multiple lift points for ease of mobility around the shop.
    • Built in TIG Solenoid and Foot Pedal Adapter The POWER MIG 215 MPi welder is designed to accept a TIG torch, no install required.
    • Robust and Reliable Wire Drive – Ensures proper and consistent feeding for optimal welding experience.
    • Ready.Set.Weld® Technology – Simplifies setup by recommending optimal welding parameters for each welding procedure.
    • ArcFX® Technology - Provides instant visual feedback on how settings affect the weld outcome.
    • Memory Capability - Easily recall saved settings to get welding faster.
    • Lightweight and Portable- Only 48 lbs.

    Machine Inputs & Outputs

    Phase 1: Input Voltage #1 (Voltage/Phase/Hertz) 120/1/60
    Phase 1: Rated Output #1A (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) Stick 85A/23.2V/40%
    Phase 1: Rated Output #1B (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) TIG 110A/14.6V/40%
    Phase 1: Input Current at Max Rated Ouput #1 (Current) 22A
    Phase 1: Input Voltage #2 (Voltage/Phase/Hertz) 230/1/60
    Phase 1: Rated Output #2A (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) Stick 180A/26.4V/25%
    Phase 1: Rated Output #2B (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) TIG 200A/16.4V/25%
    Phase 1: Input Current at MAX Rated Output #2 (Current) 29A

    Product Weights & Dimensions

    Dimensions (H x W x D) 11.8 in x 6.25 in x 16 in (299.7 mm x 158.8 mm x 406.4 mm)
    Net Weight 20 lbs (9.1 kg)


    Machines Processes Stick (SMAW)
    TIG (GTAW)
    IEC Rating IP21S
    Max Rating 200A
    Output Range by Mode Stick 20A-180A TIG 10A-200A
    Open Circuit Voltage Average OCV - 65V Peak OCV - 110V VRD OCV (Peak) - 14V
    Number of Operators per Machine 1
    Machines Communication Technology analog
    Work Lead Connector Type Dinse

    Wire and TIG Feeders

    UI type Simple

    Stick Welders

    Stick Welders Amperage 20A-180A
    Maximum Electrode Thickness 5/32
    Work Clamp Include (Y/N) Yes

    Basic Specification

    Input Voltage 120/230
    Input Hertz 60
    Input Power 120/230/1/60
    Input Phase 1
    Mode Icon CC
    Output Range SMAW 120V: 20-85A 230V: 20-180A GTAW 120V: 10-110A 230V: 00-200A MAX OCV 110V
    Polarity DC
    Rated Output SMAW 120V: 85A/23.2V/40% 230V: 180A/26.4V/25% GTAW 120V: 110A/14.6V/40% 230V: 200A/16.4V/25%


    Typical Application Automotive
    General Fabrication
    Maintenance & Repair
    Repair Welding


    Warranty 3 Years


    What's Included

    • (1) POWER MIG 215 MPi Multi-Process Welder
    • (1) K4076-1 Magnum® PRO 175L Gun 10 ft. (3.0 m)
    • (1) K1782-1 PTA-17 Ultra-Flex TIG Torch 12.5 ft (3.8m)
    • (1) K1622-1 Twist Mate TIG Torch Adapter
    • (1) K870 Foot Amptrol
    • (1) KP508 PTA-17V TIG Torch Parts Kit
    • (1) 230V to 120V Power Cord Adapter
    • (1) Work Cable and Clamp
    • (1) Electrode Holder and Lead Assembly
    • (1) Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose
    • (1) Gasless Nozzle
    • (1) Gun Cable Liner (pre-installed in gun)
    • (1) Spindle Adapter
    • (1) ED030631 Sample 2 lb (0.91 kg) Spool of SuperArc® L-56® MIG Wire
    • (2) Contact Tips 0.025 in (0.6 mm)
    • (2) Contact TIps 0.035 in (0.9 mm)
    • (1) Drive Rolls 0.025-0.030 in (0.6-0.8 mm) and 0.035 in (0.9 mm) (Installed)
    • (1) Knurled Drive Roll 0.030-0.045 in (0.8-1.1 mm)
    • (1) Wire Guide 0.045 in (1.1 mm) and 0.025-0.035 in (0.6-0.9 mm)(Installed)