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    Mathey Dearman D251-1060SS 10" - 60" Stainless Steel Double Chain Clamp (1 each)

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     Mathey Dearman D251-1060SS 10" - 60" Stainless Steel Double Chain Clamp (1 each)



    This Mathey Dearman Double Chain Clamp is a heavy-duty vessel clamp designed for alignment and reforming of pipes and vessels up to 20' (6M) with Schedule 80 wall thickness. Aligns Schedule 80 pipe and over when no reforming is required.

    The extra heavy-duty jackbar and main block provide the brute strength to accomplish difficult reforming jobs. Models 10" to 36" thru 10" to 54" come with level and support device and all other models come with cable hoist. The Double Chain Clamp is available in steel and stainless steel models and is shipped in a wooden storage crate.

    Estimated Weight: 328
    Pipe Tensile Strength: 1
    Pipe Range:
    10" - 60"
    Material Type:

    * Calculations are based on pipe with a tensile strength of 45,000 lbs per square inch (3168 kg per square centimeter).*

    *Some Clamps may need to be unloaded by forklift.*

    Double Chain Clamp Includes:
    • Length of chain required for the pipe range
    • Extra heavy-duty jackbars listed for the pipe range
    • Number of Main blocks listed for the pipe range
    • Two (2) fine adjustments
    • D251-1036, D251-1036SS, D251-1048,
    D251-1048SS, D251-1054 and D251-1054SS
    Supplied with level and support device
    (larger clamps supplied with come-a-long)
    • Jackscrew wrench
    • Operating instructions

    • Carbon or stainless steel spacing screws (optional)
    • Add-on jackbar


    • PRECISION ALIGNMENT of large heavy wall pipe or vessels.
    • EXTREMELY TOUGH jackbars form pipe to the desired shape.
    • ADAPTABLE—Chain and jackbar can be added or removed for different diameters.
    • INDEPENDENT pivoting of jackscrew pads for uneven surfaces.

    1. The jackbar of the standard Double Chain Clamp is made of carbon steel; therefore, this clamp can not be modified for stainless steel or other specialty alloy applications.
    2. All double chain clamps with 16 or more jackbars include cable hoist.
    3. Smaller clamps include level and support device.

    • The clamp should never be used as the sole support for the pipe, nor should it ever be used to lift the pipe.
    • Do not exceed pipe size range listed without first contacting the Mathey Dearman sales department.
    • Do not use any type of chain other than those listed without first contacting Mathey Dearman sales department.
    • Use of chain not supplied with clamp by Mathey Dearman will void the warranty of the clamp.