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    Mathey Dearman MSA Manual Saddle Pipe Beveling Machine 1.5"-4"

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    Mathey Dearman MSA Beveling Machine for 1.5" - 4" Pipe

    Item Details

    • Mathey Dearman MSA Manual Saddle Machine Pipe Beveller for 1 1/2"- 4" pipe and is ideal for beveling equipment.


    • The light compact unit is an excellent tool for shop or field applications
    • he spacer bolts, located on both sides of saddle, give the machine the accuracy required when cut quality and accuracy is critical
    • Requires little or no operator skill or training to set up and achieve an accurate cut
    • The saddle, ring gear and cap ring are made of aluminum that is hard anodized to maintain accuracy and provide long-lasting durability
    • Can be used with oxy/fuel or plasma machine torch with 1 3/8" barrel diameter
    • Built to withstand the construction, fabrication and welding jobsite environment
    • Up to 80% faster than hand cutting and grinding
    • MSA Saddle Machine is designed to rotate a 1 3/8”/35mm diameter 12” long oxy/fuel or plasma machine torch to cut and/or bevel 2” / 50.8, 3”/76.2mm and 4”/101.6mm horizontal or vertical nominal size API line pipe. The machine comes with Spacers for 2” / 50.8 and 3”/76.2mm pipe. The saddle is placed on the pipe without spacers for cutting 4”/101.6mm. Spacers are available for other pipe or tubing sizes within the machine cutting range.


    • Base Machine
    • Torch Arm
    • Torch Carrier Assembly
    • Parts and Operating Manual


    • Industrial

    Product Attributes

    Product Type

    Pipe Beveling Machine

    Trade Name


    Pipe Size

    1 1/2" - 4"


    141 IPM

    Mathey Dearman MSA Manual Saddle Pipe Beveling Machine 1.5"-4"


    Usage Instructions.

    Place the MSA Machine Saddle squarely on the pipe, as close as possible to the cut line. The front and back spacers should make full contact on the pipe. 4.2 Place the Eye of the Boomer Assembly (Figure 2 item 2) over 1/4-20 x ¼” Socket Head Cap Screw (Figure 4 item 9) located on the Saddle (Figure 4 Item 1). 4.3 Tighten the Thumb Screw (Figure 2 Item 3) of the Boomer Assembly (Figure 2) to secure the machine to the pipe.

    Mathey Dearman MSA Manual Saddle Pipe Beveling Machine 1.5"-4"

    Equip your Mathey Dearman MSA Saddle Machine with the Victor Short Barrel Torch today at Weld Shop Supply.