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    Mathey Dearman QFC-512 5" - 12" Quik Fit Clamps (1 Each)

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     Mathey Dearman QFC-512 5" - 12" Quik Fit Clamps (1 Each)

    The Mathey Dearman Quik-Fit Clamp offers the most advanced method of achieving quick, easy and precise fit-ups. The Quik-Fit is a tack-type clamp that requires no special training to use.




    Quik-Fit is available in 3 sizes to cover a range of 1" to 12" pipes, and can be used on both carbon and stainless steel without adding special shoes or screws. The clamp will not only align pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, pipe to tee, or pipe to flange, but can also be used to adjust for pipe "Hi-Lo".



    The light weight and simple design makes the Quik-Fit Clamp ideal for applications where "out-of-round" conditions do not exist.








    Rugged construction



    Smooth-acting tension mechanism



    Stainless steel contact points and alignment screws



    Sliding tensioning "T" handle



    Fine adjustment screws



    Light and compact



    Two-handed handle



    All parts cadmium plated or powder coated








    Holds up to job site conditions



    Accurate and firm gripping of pipe or fitting



    Prevents contamination in pipe or fitting



    Can be repositioned for working in confined spaces



    Accurate "Hi-Lo" adjustment



    Allows working in restricted spaces



    Positive, secure locking



    Resists spatter and corrosion