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    IronArc™ 7018-1 MR® 7018-1 MR 50lb Easy Open Can

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    IronArc™ 7018-1 MR® 7018-1 MR 50lb Easy Open Can ED040100

    Stick (SMAW)

    AWS A5.1 E7018-1 H4R

    Lincoln Electric’s IronArc 7018-1 MR produces a soft, smooth and stable arc that offers an easy to manipulate weld puddle and good operator control, even for beginner welders! Compared to its Excalibur equivalent that is known for its deeper penetration profile, the IronArc 7018-1 is designed with a flat bead profile that has excellent wetting in the toes ideal for cap passes. By combining a high deposition rate, tested moisture resistance, and low spatter levels, these stick electrodes minimize post-weld clean up and allow for less hold times to optimize productivity.


    • Soft arc for ease of puddle manipulation
    • Smooth arc transfer
    • Excellent wetting in the toes allowing for less hold times
    • Flat bead profile ideal for cap passes on pipe, groove welds, and pipe repair
    • No intentional addition of zinc for moisture resistance
    • Q2 Lot®- Certificate showing actual deposit chemistry and mechanical properties available online

    IronArc 7018 MR (3/32x14 in, 50 lb can) is a mild steel, low hydrogen stick electrode ideal for pipeline and pipe repair welding. Meets AWS A5.1 E7018-1 H4R.