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    Sugar Scoop Welding Helmet 11 Ounce Lightweight Pipeliner Welding Helmet

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    Sugar Scoop Welding Helmet Pipeliner Welding Helmet

    Introducing the AG Sugar Scoop Welding Helmet. Our 11 ounce lightweight pipeliner is an absolute game-changer in the welding industry! It’s crafted with premium fiberglass reinforced shell for long-lasting durability and safety. Plus, it has a more ergonomic cut that helps you get into tighter spaces and fits better around the neck. Not only that, it also comes with a fixed shade 10 filter that can be easily replaced with any 2 x 4.25” filter lens.

    But that’s not all. This amazing helmet is also moisture proof and impact resistant, so it won’t crack, chip, or split. Not to mention it has the modernized headgear that provides extra comfort so you can weld for hours on end. Plus, the Sugar Scoop can also be adapted to fit onto a hardhat using the AGHHADAPTER. And if you ever need to replace the parts such as lens, lens plastic clip, flap spring, headgear adjustable dials, washers, spacers, we’ve got you covered with AGSUGARSCOOPPARTS.

    So why should you get the Sugar Scoop? Its lightweight design and comfortable fit allows you to complete welding jobs quickly and easily. Not to mention, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be kept safe and sound with its premium fiberglass reinforced shell and moisture proof and impact resistant features. Plus, you won’t have to worry about running out of parts with its easy-to-replace lens and parts.

    Lightweight and reliable, the AG Sugar Scoop Welding Helmet is the perfect way for you to get the job done. So don’t wait. Get yours today and unleash your true welding potential!

    • The Sugar Scoop is not only built tough, it’s even lighter than the leading competition for added comfort!
    • Premium Fiberglass reinforced shell that welders love! No electrically conductive carbon fiber materials here!
    • More ergonomic helmet cut that fits around the neck better and lets a welder get into tighter spaces
    • Fixed shade 10 filter included and can be replaced by any 2 x 4.25" filter lens, including the AGCLAIRVOYANT2.0, AGMAGE, AGARCANE, AGSEER2X4
    • Moisture proof and impact resistant fiberglass helps to prevent cracks, chips, and splits
    • Modernized headgear provides additional comfort
    • Can also be adapted to fit onto a hardhat using AGHHADAPTER
    • Replacement lens, lens plastic clip, flap spring, headgear parts (adjustable dials, washers, spacers) available in separate pack- AGSUGARSCOOPPARTS