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    BIO-CIRCLE® L Bio-remediating parts cleaner/degreaser 20L 55A007

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    BIO-CIRCLE® L Bio-remediating parts cleaner/degreaser 20L 55A007

  • Pleasant scent—no harsh fumes or vapors
  • Safe on skin
  • Continuously self-renewing with minimal waste streams
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable, VOC-free
  • 20 Liters/5.2 Gallons

    Bio-Circle® L is a top-selling bio-remediating parts cleaner/degreaser used in thousands of operations worldwide. Maintains its cleaning power over time, offering an economical and environmental advantage over toxic solvents and weaker water-based systems. NSF category C1, registration #141285



    • For use in Bio-Circle® MAXI manual parts washers
    • Parts cleaning
    • Facility maintenance
    • Weapons Cleaning
    • Food manufacturing plants
    • Most types of mineral and natural oils
    • Most cutting lubricants
    • Most NLGI 2 and lower, mineral greases, more specifically:  Chassis and bearing grease, Polyuera grease, Impact grease , Water resistant bearing grease, High temperature moly grease, Food grade grease
    • Carbon deposits
    • Fresh tar and resin products


    • Use with the Bio-Circle parts cleaning system

    Bioremediating Parts Cleaner / Degreaser BIO-CIRCLE LTM is an innovative, pH neutral cleaner specifically designed for use with BIO-CIRCLE® parts cleaning systems. It effectively removes oil and grease from parts while maintaining its cleaning power over time thanks to the self-cleaning action of natural bioremediation. It is the safest & most effective replacement for hazardous solvents in manual parts cleaning applications. It eliminates health & safety risks and frequent waste disposal.

    • Powerful cleaning action
    • Non-stick formula helps lift and flush away toughest grease
    • Self-cleaning action maintains cleaning efficiency over time
    • Non-toxic, non-flammable, VOC-free, pH neutral
    • Safe on all metals and most surfaces
    • Contains temporary corrosion inhibitors
    • Non-soapy, pleasant scent
    • Free of CFC and HCFC
    • NSF registered (category code C1, registration number 141285)
    • Accepted for use in food plants in Canada